Jinan Aima Maternity Hospital

The birth of your baby is perhaps the most important day of a parent’s life and we are committed to helping parents create special memories.

At Jinan AIMA maternity hospital, we feel passionately about providing each customer with the best experience possible. The families we serve are placed at the centre of all that we do, creating a truly family centred experience. Through our 3H philosophy, you will receive the highest standard of maternity care, in a home like environment, with the excellent service of a 5 star hotel. Here at AIMA, you will be indulged in our quiet and classical European-style environment, with international standard healthcare and family centred care of our medical experts.

We are located in the beautiful city of Jinan, a place full of educated and talented people. We are proud of our advanced medical technology and our expert Chinese and international staff.

So that we can meet the needs of each individual family we provide continuous and quality care to pregnant women. AIMA has a special Labour Delivery Room (LDR) and water birthing facility. We are committed to provide excellent services to customers at all times and in every detail, even if it’s a cup of aromatic coffee or a warm smile, we want it to be a wonderful experience for both you and your famil.

About AIMA

  • Telephone:0531-8231 3333
    Hospital Address:No.1 Yaotou Road,Lixia District,Jinan,China 250014
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